What to Pack On Your Next Holiday

What to Pack On Your Next Holiday

23 November 2015

Studies have shown that the time leading up to a holiday and planning for your getaway plays a major part in boosting your happiness and lowering your stress levels. Essentially this means that list-making and planning your holiday activities can be good for you!

So, to help you on your way to increased happiness, we've compiled a list of items to pack for your next holiday. Add this to your list of other things to pack.

Your Army Knife: You'll need this one for those big, juicy pieces of biltong that you'll be enjoying. You also never know when you may need to remove a splinter or open a stubborn can.

Two Point Plugs: Don't get caught with a flat cellphone or unable to dry your hair or shave your face. Pack your two point plug just in case the resort doesn't have one in the unit.

Toilet Paper or Wet Wipes: There is always a spill or sticky fingers that needs cleaning up (particularly if you have young children), so make sure to have these handy - especially once you're all relaxing next to the beach with a big soft serve ice cream!

Spare Sheet or Throw: This can easily double up as a picnic blanket, a table cloth or a sun shade in the car.

Plastic Bags: These come in handy for trash in the car (how many chip packets and candy wrappers can you gather in a five hour trip from your home to the resort?). It's of course also better (and greener!) to go shopping with your own plastic bags. Finally, these will come in really handy when you're coming back home. Put your dirty clothes in the plastic bags so that you immediately know which items to put in the laundry.

Books, DVDs Or Your Favourite Series: Holidays aren't a time to spend indoors, but let's admit it - it's a great time to just relax and do nothing! Set aside at least one day to start reading that book that has been sitting on your shelf for months or for catching up on your favourite series.

Can you already image yourself using some of these items on your next holiday? We sure can!