San Martinho Beach Club explained

San Martinho Beach Club: your unique BMP benefits

At San Martinho Beach Club Villas are purchased on a Propriedade Horizontal (Sectional Title) basis and the Beach Duplex Apartments on a Fractional Title or Timeshare basis. These owners enjoy unique BMP benefits slightly different to owners of the other BMP home resorts. The spacious Villas and Beach Duplex Apartments allow you to enjoy fantastic holidays on a development that offers unsurpassed luxury, with additional benefits of exchanging a week of your unit for other accommodation worldwide, or to enjoy the option of great rental returns.

See the information on the right for more information.

Use your unit yourself

We know that you have most likely purchased your Villa or Beach Duplex Apartment primarily for your own holiday pleasure with your friends or family.

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Remember to let us know in advance that you are coming, so that we may prepare your unit for you and specifically if you have any special staffing requirements.

Put it in the rental pool

To earn a rental return from your capital investment, your space could be either rented out yourself, or placed into the BMP rental pool.

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Of course, the earlier you make this selection the more BMP can maximise returns. The latest you can bank your week to the pool is 10 weeks, although we will accept it on an “on-risk” basis. This means that you will not be part of the pool and will only receive a rental payment if we rent it out.

If you rent out your own unit, please remember to make arrangement with us to clean up the unit after your guests. A fee is chargeable for this service.

The rental pool is very simple: we try our very best to get the best occupancy we can, and at the end of each occupation month we take the income for each of the same sized units at each resort and pool the revenue. We deduct commission and distribute the balance to all owners based on the total number of days their unit was available to the pool. You'll receive a statement at the end of each month detailing your income.

Use it for exchange

You could also bank your ownership to the exchange pool, allowing you to access either the BMP Home Resort pool, or any iExchange inventory in more than 130+ Southern African resorts or 4000 resorts worldwide.

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Bank a week (or a few) by calling or emailing us with at least 10 weeks to occupation. A maximum of eight weeks may be banked each year (four weeks in-season and four weeks out of season).

The BMP Home Resort pool consists of:

The iExchange resort pool is quite big and you can view these resorts online. Please do not attempt to book online with iExchange, as your BMP exchange arrangement is preferable.

A highly competitive exchange fee is payable on transaction.

Our dynamic grading calculator grades all inventory in the exchange pool and assigns credits based on the resort quality, grade, season, facilities and amenities, demand and guest satisfaction levels. It also depends on when you bank your inventory to the pool as late banking attracts an Exchange Credit penalty. This same calculator is used whether you bank or book inventory.

You may also accumulate your Exchange Credits for up to three calendar years, so saving your Exchange Credits for that extended vacation is possible.