How BMP Works

Firstly you will need to invest
in one of our BMP Resorts

You will then automatically be
joined as a BMP member for
no extra cost.

You will receive a membership
card unlocking a number of
added benefits*

*Benefits are linked to your membership Tier,
which is based on your level of investment

How BMP Works

BMP offers you and your family guaranteed holidays every year in your very own luxurious self-catering Chalet or Villa. There is an offer to suit every pocket and finance is available on all options. Your investment will help you to better plan for your annual holiday and grant you access to an array of different locations, both locally and internationally. Your investment also offers great value-added benefits such as:

  • Holiday flexibility through the various ownership options that cater for all types of holiday requirements.
  • Hassle free-ownership – leave the hassle of all maintenance and day–to-day issues in the capable hands of BMP.
  • A sound investment with an established property group.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to all the BMP luxury resorts.
  • Exchange to more than 4000 resorts both locally and internationally.
  • Opportunity to generate rental income from your investment.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounted rates on selected facilities at all BMP resorts as well as local area attractions

How do you gain access to BMP and its benefits?

Firstly you'll need to have invested in one of our BMP resorts. You will automatically be joined as a BMP member at no extra cost. Based on your level of investment, you will receive a membership card unlocking a number of added benefits linked to your specific Membership Tier.

Since there are various BMP investment options available there is an option to suit every need. Click on the below links to read more about the various investments options we can offer you:

Vacation Club

For those who are more interested in ownership for lifestyle and vacation time only, there are timeshare weeks which are offered on both an express offering (12 year ownership) or for life in perpetuity. Enjoy quality luxury holidays...

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Exclusive Residence Club

This is for owners who want more than one week guaranteed holiday every year, but are not quite ready yet to purchase outright. Based on the Fractional Ownership model, the Exclusive Residence Club allows you to purchase four weeks exclusive access...

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Investors Club

Investors are able to purchase an entire Villa on a Sectional Title full ownership basis. The spacious 3 or 4 bedroom Villas at one of our various developments offer unsurpassed luxury with a great rental return option...

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