Things To Do in Bilene

Things To Do in Bilene

5 October 2016

San Martinho has a wide range of water and land based guest activities to keep guests of all ages entertained with a smile on their face. However, should you wish to venture outside of the resort, we have some suggestions on the different activities you can enjoy in and around Bilene!

1. Salt & Fresh water Fishing
Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that Bilene gives anglers the option to not only go Deep Sea Fishing, but to also exploit their fishing skills on a number fresh water lakes North and South of Bilene, including unspoiled lakes such as Lake Sauce, Lake Gire, Lake Chissura and Lake Pab. A scenic 4x4 or Quad Bike drive is all that's needed to get to these lakes.

On the ocean side of Bilene, shallow reefs close to shore attract schools of Big Game Fish which ultimately give the deep sea fisherman plenty of action. Every year, the locals open up the Lagoon’s mouth, which allows migrating fish to swim up and into the lagoon, creating yet another great fishing spot. So make sure your rod and reel are the first items packed before you leave to go on your holiday!

2. 4x4 and Quad Biking
Although Quad Bikes cannot be used within the resort, once outside there are scenic drives to be enjoyed around the edge of the entire Lagoon. The surrounding area of Bilene also has many dirt roads leading to and from the different beaches, lakes and  nearby villages right up to the Limpopo River Mouth at Xai-Xai beach and beyond.

3. Whale Watching & Turtle Cliff
About 1.5km from the Lagoon mouth on Bilene beach is a high view point called Turtle Cliff, which you can hike up to and enjoy spectacular 360 degree views of the ocean and Bilene beach. This is a great advantage point to spot birdlife, dolphins, turtles and whales that migrate up along Mozambique's coastline between the months of May and January.

4. Turtle Watching
Witness a fascinating display of nature when Leather-Back and Loggerhead turtles visit the Mozambique beaches to nest their eggs during the months between November and March. With a bit of luck and good timing, you can also see the new born sea turtles hatch and scramble to shore where they will begin a life in the big blue sea.

5. Restaurants & Bars
After a long day of activities, you will no doubt be interested in relaxing with a cold beer and an excellent dish of delicious local cuisine. Bilene has over 10 walk-in beach bars and restaurants for you to indulge at. Beach bars have a great vibe and get busy on the weekend with good music, dancing and one of Mozambique's most popular drinks, Tipo Tinto Rum and Raspberry which is often referred to as R&R as well as Mozambique's popular beer choices of Laurentina and 2M pronounced "dosh M".

6. Local Market, Bilene
Like most of Mozambique's towns, there is always a Local market selling a wide variety of goods and souvenirs that you can purchase, ranging from arts and crafts, beads, necklaces, paintings, alcohol, local produce and famous Portuguese rolls "Pau".