The Rental Pool Explained

The Rental Pool Explained

21 November 2017

What is the BMP Rental Pool?

This is a VAT registered Rental Pool (accepted by SARS) where your unit is automatically placed on rental availability to generate income for all participating BMP Owners. The purchase of your sectional title unit automatically qualifies you for participation. BMP has exclusive rental rights to BMP resorts so you may not rent out your unit privately.

*San Martinho Beach Club™ owners please note that your BMP terms are slightly different. Click here to view your unique arrangement with BMP.

How is the owner's share in the BMP Rental Pool calculated?

Your Owner's share will be paid to you at the end of the month in which your Holiday Use Period is occupied and calculated as follows:

Gross Rental Pool is the income per day of all participating units of the same unit size in the same Home Resort.

Less Operating Costs and Commission.

Divided by the number of participating units of the same unit size in the same Home Resort on that day.

Equals each Owner's share for that day.

Add the aggregate of Owner's share for those days the Owner participated during the month.

Equals: Your Owner share for the month.

Why does commission get deducted and what is it for?

BMP uses the commission fees to cover marketing, operational and administrative costs for the rental pool.