Money Saving Tips for a Self-catering Holiday

Money Saving Tips for a Self-catering Holiday

7 December 2016

Keeping the family amused during the holidays can end up being expensive and for all South Africans feeling the pinch, now is the time to see if you can find some low-cost days out and activities to keep everyone entertained. It is also reassuring to know that it is possible to enjoy a destination family holiday without breaking the bank! With a bit of forward planning and some savvy money-saving it is possible to dodge high prices and still have a good time. That being said, we have rounded-up some ideas to help you save money over the holidays!

Download free apps to find cheap local hot spots
This is a great way to find out what is happening in and around the area you’re staying in as well as special events and promotions.

Do some research online
Researching the areas cultural offerings ahead of time, such as museums, parks, botanical gardens, zoos and other local area attractions can offer a wide variety of things to do on a day out and about with little to no added cost, depending on your venue of choice, of course.

Stock up on gift certificates or vouchers
If you have been hanging onto a gift card because you’re not too sure what to do with it, or happen to see a clipping in a magazine or online coupon whilst browsing online, save them! These little discounts can be a saving grace on your credit card, especially if they’re for eateries.

Plan and budget your food spend before your holiday
You can quite literally save hundreds of Rands by taking full advantage of your self-catering accommodation and preparing meals for your family instead of eating out every day whilst on holiday. Being able to plan and purchase your needed groceries is a massive timesaver and cuts down on unnecessary spending when out on the town. Make the activity fun by involving everyone and letting them pick meals for certain nights, switching up who gets to cook and letting the kids participate.

Skip the souvenirs – take photos instead!
I know, it’s so very tempting to buy that fridge magnet or odd little trinket, but let’s be honest, what do you do with it after the fact? If you’re buying it as a gift, chances are it will just be collecting dust at your friends’ and relatives’ houses. If you really want to remember your trip and all of the awesome memories you created, take photos. As long as you have a phone with a camera or your own personal camera, this is completely free and you get to share the experience for everyone to enjoy when you post it on social media.

Research airline fees
If you’re planning on flying to your destination, do some research and compare airline carriers to see who can offer you the best price on your selected dates. The first option you see isn’t always necessarily the best one! It’s also handy to check if there are added charges to your luggage and what restrictions might be in place that could affect your choices.

Research alternative routes to your destination
Toll fees and fuel cost can rack up your bills pretty quickly so jumping online and searching for alternative routes can really make the world of difference. Just be sure you’re not compromising on your petrol budget by taking the long way around to skip a toll booth!

Travelling in a group can cut costs
Consider travelling with another family or a group of friends and splitting the costs on necessities such as fuel, food and accommodation.

Do all of the free stuff
Going to the beach, local dam, park, mountain hikes or exploring the natural landscapes with a picnic basket are fantastic ways to keep busy and relax at no extra cost.

Make use of your destinations onsite facilities
Many resorts have swimming pools, Jacuzzis, Putt-Putt courses, games rooms and playgrounds which are great for relaxing and keeping the kids entertained, the best part is that most of these facilities, if on offer, are inclusive of your accommodation.