Go on a bush walk!

Go on a bush walk!

19 September 2017

Bush walks take you on a really up close and personal adventure, to experience nature and wildlife first hand. Most resorts offer bush walks with experienced trackers and guides, who will make sure that you stay safe and get the most out of the experience.

Your ranger and tracker will brief you on how to behave, what not to do, so listen carefully. So why go on a walk when you can go on a game drive instead?

Benefits of Bush Walking

  • Can be done by people with different fitness levels.
  • You will experience the bush – literally! You engage all your five senses at a heightened level. Feel textures, listen to the subtle sounds of nature, take in the thrilling sight of game
  • Bush walks take you to places otherwise inaccessible to vehicles, such as studying rock art closely
  • Come face-to-face with game!
  • You will learn about ecology and the endemic birds, game, insects, etc.
  • Take fascinating lessons on interpreting signs of the wildlife (i.e. spoor)
  • Identify which plants are edible and which ones to avoid
  • Bush walks are a great way to burn off holiday calories!
  • Walking safaris and reconnecting with nature is good for the soul
  • Of course walking versus driving is also good for the environment!