Exclusive Residence Club

Exclusive Residence Club: for the active traveller

This is for owners who want more than one week guaranteed holiday every year, but are not quite ready yet to purchase outright. Based on the Fractional Ownership model, the Exclusive Residence Club allows you to purchase four weeks exclusive access to luxury self-catering holiday Villas at one of our various developments.

What does Fractional Title Ownership offer you?

Fractional Ownership can be defined as shared ownership and shared usage of a professionally managed luxury holiday villa. As the asset is owned by more than one individual, this means your capital investment, risk, and ongoing costs are drastically reduced.

Use your week/s yourself

As a Fractional Title Owner you have four fixed-weeks per year at your disposal with which to holiday at your chosen resort. You can use your week/s personally or treat a guest! Simply call BMP on 0861 444 123 or email bmp@beekmanportfolio.co.za

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Thanks to BMP's affiliation to iExchange, a global exchange company, you will have the flexibility of using your Fractional Title residence or opting to exchange your allocated time into another resort or destination. The added flexibility of experiencing new, luxurious and exciting destinations each year makes Fractional Title Ownership that much more attractive. With iExchange you get access to more than 4000 other resorts worldwide.

Put it into the rental pool

If you are unable to personally utilise any of your allocated four weeks, consider placing the non-required week/s in our rental pool. We take care of the admin work and you enjoy the lion's share of the income raised!

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All we ask in return is that you notify us at least 10 weeks in advance which week/s you don’t wish to use in order to give us enough time to adequately market the accommodation.

Should circumstances arise close to an arrival date, resulting in you being unable to personally use a week, you may still place it in the rental pool, but it will be on an "on risk" basis. This means that you will not be part of the pool and will only receive a rental payment if we actually rent it out.

How do I earn rental income?

The rental pool is very simple: we try our very best to get the best occupancy we can, and at the end of each occupation month we take the income for each of the same sized units at each resort and pool the revenue. We deduct commission and distribute the balance to all owners based on the total number of days their unit was available to the pool. You'll receive a statement at the end of each month detailing your income.

Use it for exchange

As a fractional title owner you may bank your ownership to the exchange pool, allowing you to access either the BMP Home Resort pool, or any iExchange inventory in more than 130+ Southern African resorts or 4000 resorts worldwide.

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Remember to bank your week/s by calling or emailing us with at least 10 weeks to occupation; alternatively if done closer to occupation we can still bank it "on risk", but you will only be allocated your points if another owner uses your unit.

The BMP Home Resort pool consists of:

No exchange fee is payable if you exchange your timeshare to any of these resorts.

The iExchange resort pool is quite big and you can view these resorts online. Please do not attempt to book online with iExchange, as your BMP exchange arrangement is preferable.

A highly competitive exchange fee is payable on transaction.

Our dynamic grading calculator grades all inventory in the exchange pool and assigns credits based on the resort quality, grade, season, facilities and amenities, demand and guest satisfaction levels. It also depends on when you bank your inventory to the pool as late banking attracts a points penalty. This same calculator is used whether you bank or book inventory.

You may also accumulate your points for up to three calendar years, so saving your points for that extended vacation is possible.